15 Sep

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities within our organization!

„Diversity Charter“ signed on September 6th, 2016.

Last year, Germany had to face a large number of immigrants who have now to be integrated into our society.For this reason, the project “Equal opportunity and personnel development in the port industry and port-related logistics of Bremen” has been launched by the “Unternehmensverband bremische Häfen” (UBH) as coordinator of this initiative. The objective of this project is to enable people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures the access to professions in the port industry and to support their integration into the respective companies. The core of this project was the signing of the „Diversity Charter“ on 6th of September 2016 by 17 organizations, including Heuer Logistics. In the framework of this charter companies are committed to fostering equality of opportunity.
“As a company with a cosmopolitan orientation and existing intercultural competences we immediately knew that we would sign the charter and support this initiative. We want to contribute that people from different backgrounds and cultures get the chance to join our company”, says Rolf Benedix, head of Human Resource and Finance at Heuer Logistics.

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