Quality control

We know well how important it is for our clients that condition and quality of goods correspond to customer’s requirements. After a long overseas transport under different prevailing conditions this is not always the fact. For this reason we offer our customers a professional quality control, above all in the sector of fresh fruit and vegetables.
In this respect we make sure that official regulations as well as individual customer requirements are being considered and provide you with detailed quality reports, digital images, and temperature recorder readouts. Our quality control staff is highly skilled and continuously be trained internally and externally.
On both sites we are accredited by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) as a quality controller which enables us to carry out conformity checks on the customer’s behalf for fresh bananas imported into the EU.
In addition, the German customs office has granted us the status of an authorized weigher, consequently we are able to determine the weight of each consignment of bananas to be imported.
A well-structured network of experts and surveyors assures you our support and consultation even in case of emergency.