General cargo

In order to establish a second major business pillar and to enable a more efficient use of personnel capacities, development of an extensive logistics for different kinds of break bulk cargo was started up in 2004. Actually about 200.000 tons of general cargo annually are handled by our company.

A key element of our activities is the handling and storage of plywood and sawn timber packages. In the freeport of Bremerhaven we dispose of a storage capacity of approximately 12.500 packages and are currently working on an extension of capacities.

Bremerhaven is Europe’s largest port for the handling and shipment of cars. We succeeded in gaining access also to this important business segment and offer the handling and storage at our own premises.

As far as imports are concerned, general cargo primarily arrives in containers, but we also provide our own pier for incoming vessels. Regarding exports, consignments generally reach us by truck and are being dispatched by container.