For us, as a logistics company, whose activities are focused on different niche markets, the acquisition of skilled staff on the labour market is a major challenge we have to face. It is therefore of great importance to us that the accumulated knowledge and skills are retained within our company and thus to assure our customers a certain quality standard and reliability.

As demographic change in Germany progresses, there is a general constantly growing shortage of labour, which is also impacting on the logistics sector.

More than 10 years ago, we consequently took a strategic decision and started to cover our demand for specialized and skilled staff by providing apprenticeships within our company. Since that time we have continuously trained young people in the vocational categories specialist for forwarding and logistics services (m/f) and specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f) and have integrated them into our team according to actual requirements.

Thus, apprentices benefit from our interesting and varied working environment within the maritime sector, our family structures, and individual development opportunities.

Even after a successful completion of apprenticeship we actively offer our employees a variety of development options and are consequently preparing ourselves for a “lifelong learning”.

Internships for these training professions are available at both sites throughout the year.

Our training supervisor in Bremerhaven is Torben Kuhl, who is supported by Ralf Hollmann in the commercial sector; person responsible in Hamburg is Jan Zobel.