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Today we have once again given support to the “Friedrich-Ebert-Schulexpress” by presenting a truck with driver for demonstration purposes.
The primary-school children could learn about the meaning of a “blind spot” and had the opportunity to sit inside the truck so to get an impression about driver’s restricted visibility in the cab of such a big vehicle.

Friedrich-Ebert Schulexpress Friedrich-Ebert Schulexpress





M/V “ DUNEDIN STAR” – Discharge at our pier with a cargo of approx. 1.200 tons of frozen fish, subsequently transported to Bremerhaven-based cold store facilities.




Heuer Logistics: M/V “ HAN YIN PHOENIX” – Berthing at our terminal in June.




Heuer Logistics: Transfer of a boat from Eurogate.




Heuer Logistics: M/V “CHIQUITA SCHWEIZ” – Berthing at Columbus pier Bremerhaven.




Heuer Transport: Showing the flag on European roads.




Heuer Logistics: M/V “ DISNEY DREAM “ – Equipment at our site – we have been there!